3D Generic is an open source software invented and developed by me as my Master’s Degree graduation project. I further upgraded it for the purposes of new projects. 3D Generic can be used for problem solving inside of other already existing softwares in visual effects in the cinema as well as softwares used in various businesses and industries like finance, energy and technology. 3D Generic contains plugins allowing the communication and tasks automation between different departments of a project or different tasks inside of those softwares. It is a tool that needs to be programmed so it helps the user to organize and execute tasks in a smarter, more efficient and easier way that they otherwise would without it.

What this software solves better than the solutions used before is that it creates entirely new environments and ecosystems for the automation inside the program. It helps VFX artists and allows them to work on the automation of content delivery easier and contributes to the final result of the production.

The 3D environment can modify the pipelines or workflows which are used in all video and movie methods for editing and special effects much easier and faster than the regularly used solutions. The data management solution allows optimization of similar tasks as a data management tool. For example when a visual artist needs to store data without changing the original file, 3D Generic can make a new module to interact with this database. Sometimes VFX studios don’t want to change the information written on the database, and here comes the next solution option that the software provides - data storage in a private cloud. With that, the artist, supervisor or anyone who needs access only to this task, can integrate it with the so-called “legacy tools" that the studio already has.


Because of 3D Generic and my VFX know-how I was approached by the world famous VFX Supervisor Charlie Iturriaga (CEO of Ollin VFX / Ollin Studio). Together we collaborated on various film projects by using 3D Generic. We worked on the visual effects of well-known films and series such as Furious 7, Chappie, Deadpool, Asura and Suicide Squad, as well as the Netflix TV series House of Cards. Some of these productions were nominated for Oscars and VES awards for visual effects.



I have also created an app for kids called Algorithm Game - available both for Android and iOS. My idea for this game was to make an educational application for kids aged between 4 and 7. It allows them to join shapes and numbers step by step to complete a task and helps them with learning Math and words in a fun way.
Shape Connection
Math Connections
Words Level